What is a pub/sub system?

A factory may utilize a pub/sub system where equipment can publish problems or failures to a subscriber that displays and logs those problems.

What does PUBG stand for?

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What is pub/sub logging?

In a pub/sub system, the feature of assured error message logging can be added incrementally, subsequent to implementing the basic functionality of equipment problem message logging. The pub/sub pattern scales well for small networks with a small number of publisher and subscriber nodes and low message volume.

What is the pub/sub paradigm?

Outside of the enterprise environment, on the other hand, the pub/sub paradigm has proven its scalability to volumes far beyond those of a single data center, providing Internet-wide distributed messaging through web syndication protocols such as RSS and Atom.

How does a pub/sub system work?

In many pub/sub systems, publishers post messages to an intermediary message broker or event bus, and subscribers register subscriptions with that broker, letting the broker perform the filtering. The broker normally performs a store and forward function to route messages from publishers to subscribers.

What is pub/sub messaging?

Known as pub/sub, Publish/Subscribe messaging is an asynchronous service-to-service communication method used in serverless and microservices architectures. Basically, the Pub/Sub model involves:

What is a pub/sub model?

In a pub/sub model, any message published to a topic is immediately received by all of the subscribers to the topic. Pub/sub messaging can be used to enable event-driven architectures, or to decouple applications in order to increase performance, reliability and scalability.

What is a pub/sub subscriber?

Subscriber – An application that registers itself with the desired topic in order to receive the appropriate messages As with all technology, using pub/sub messaging comes with advantages and disadvantages.

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What is the service name for pub/sub audit logs?

Pub/Sub audit logs use the service name . For a list of all the Cloud Logging API service names and their corresponding monitored resource type, see Map services to resources. For all audit logs, Pub/Sub uses the following resource types:

What is a pub/sub message?

A publisher application creates a topic in the Pub/Sub service and sends messages to the topic. A message contains a payload and optional attributes that describe the payload content. The service ensures that published messages are retained on behalf of subscriptions.

What is Google Cloud Pub/Sub and how does it work?

Google Cloud Pub/Sub has a lot of different applications where decoupled systems need to send and receive messages. The overview page offers a number of use cases including balancing work loads, logging, and event notifications.

Can redundant logging subscribers be added to a pub/sub system?

However, in a pub/sub system, redundant logging subscribers that are exact duplicates of the existing logger can be added to the system to increase logging reliability without any impact to any other equipment on the system.

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