Gnr costa da caparica

gnr costa da caparica

What is the Costa da Caparica?

The Costa da Caparica is the stunning 26km coastline of glorious sandy beaches, powerful Atlantic waves and beautiful natural scenery, that extends along the western side of the Setubal Peninsula. The coastline is named after the largest town of the region, Costa da Caparica, which is a modern and lively resort town.

How to get from Cacilhas to Costa da Caparica?

Then you can choose between the express bus service from Cacilhas to Costa da Caparica, the TST 135 bus service (20 minutes route) or the slower TST 124 (40 minutes route). The bus ticket is €2.40 and is purchased from the driver.

What is a Campismo Orbitur Costa da Caparica?

It’s a campsite situated 15-minutes walk to the nearest beach. Parque de Campismo Orbitur Costa da Caparica includes a tennis court and restaurant. All bungalows and caravans come with a kitchenette, private bathroom with showers and free parking. The simply furnished accommodation includes heating and a seating area with a TV.

Why is it called Capa-Rica?

From there the name Capa-Rica developed, for capa ( cape) and rica ( rich ), which became associated with the region. Legend suggests that, in 1800, the Costa da Caparica was the site for the Casa da Coroa (the first house of rock and limestone) which received its importance for a little-known fact.

Where is Costa da Caparica?

Where is Costa da Caparica? Costa da Caparica is the town located in the municipality of Almada along the western coast of Setúbal district. Is it just a simple town?

Why should you visit Costa da Caparica?

Visit Costa da Caparica and discover all the natural wonders and the authenticity of the people living in this small city in the south bank of Tagus river. Known in Portugal for its wonderful beaches, this city hides a natural treasure that took my breath away – the Costa da Caparica Fossil Cliff Protected Landscape.

What is C Osta da Caparica?

C osta da Caparica (or Costa de Caparica, as some claim to be the correct name) is an uninterrupted, seemingly endless 15km-long stretch of dune-backed sands. It’s just half of a 30km-long coastline south of Lisbon, and is where everyone from the region goes to on a warm and sunny day.

How many beaches are there in Costa da Caparica?

There are literally dozens of beaches on a long strip of white sandy coast stretching out to Cabo Espichel 30 kilometres to the south. If you want to party, sunbathe in peace, surf the beach breaks, or strip down to your birthday suit there’s a beach for you in Costa da Caparica.

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