Benfica ajax 2019

benfica ajax 2019

How did Ajax try to block Benfica’s build up?

Ajax tried to block Benfica’s build up by pressing high up the pitch. They tried to make Benfica play wide and cut all passing lanes from the middle, in order to regain possession quickly high up the pitch.

Why did Ajax Attack from the right side in this game?

In this game, Ajax based most of their attacks from the right side instead of the left as usual. They did this because Benfica’s left back, Grimaldo, usually moves high up the pitch and they wanted to take advantage of this and outnumber Benfica’s defenders.

How can Ajax create chances in the game?

As you can see in this image, four Ajax players are moving towards the side of the ball in order to create an overload as Hakim Ziyech is free on the right flank. By doing this Ajax could create chances at any time of the game, as with one pass they could find a free player or create a 1 v 1 situation.

Who are finishing the stronger-Ajax or Benfica?

79 min: Benfica are finishing the stronger. Ajax, superior for most of the match, look like they’d do well to get away on level terms. Having said that, Halle has just cracked on over the bar from the edge of the area.

Are Benfica out of this?

66 mi n: Benfica are not out of this yet, thanks mainly to Ajax’s wasteful finishing. Mazraoui has to make a last-gasp tackle to deflect the ball out for a corner.

Can We still enjoy Ajax trying?

But at least we can still enjoy them trying. Ajax have been especially impressive in this competition so far, whupping everyone in the group stage, including Sporting Lisbon, who are above Benfica in the Portuguese league.

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